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Thread: Red Stag Head mounting brackets

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    Red Stag Head mounting brackets

    Hi, Does anyone know off hand where I could buy some Head mounting brackets for Red Stags, The type that sit in the brain cavity and allow you to attach a plack?


  2. #2 These go in the brain cavity and allow you to attach to the shield, not sure if it's what your after.

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    Hi, Thanks, thats what Iam after but need a whole seasons worth and 3.99 a shot is to pricey, I was looking to see if there was any trade deals for !00 or so.

    Thanks for your response all the same

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    Not sure how the skull is cut, but I have used large spring toggle plasterboard fixings before for skull mounts, and at 7/100 they are a lot cheaper.

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    Good man, Ill give that a shot, many thanks

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    yeah, those damn things from bushwear, couldn't fit them inside the skull due to the angle I cut at, then on some others where I use a slimmer angle, the fall out - waste of time and money.

    I'm still waiting to find a good solution - right now I'm doing a screw through the back edge of the skull, into the shield, and topped off with tip-ex to hide the screw head - not ideal, but strugging to find other good solutions.

    what are you guys doing for roe?

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    Some of mine are hung without shields, just the full top scull with teeth intact.
    Hung on a piece of coat-hanger wire looped through the holes at the rear.
    Quite effective and the teeth grip the wall.

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