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Thread: Gun shy training CD needed.

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    Gun shy training CD needed.

    Evening all,

    Does anyone have this cd or something similar and if so would they be happy to burn me a copy?

    I can't seem to find this in the uk only the 'Sounds Scary'.

    Thanx guys.

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    Dont know anything about dvd. If you have a problem with a gun shy dog what made it gun shy?

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    Mine's been 'gunshy' from the day it was born.
    I say 'gunshy' but it is as frightened of any loud noises, It even bolts for it's bed when the loud adverts come on TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rem284 View Post
    Dont know anything about dvd. If you have a problem with a gun shy dog what made it gun shy?
    I,m not sure, maybe taking things too fast too early.

    I know they say dogs aren't born gun shy, mine is just nervy form day one. Flinches at the sound of .22.

    Since I have given her a cooling off period of a couple months, shes now 18mths and coming on quite well.
    Started off by sitting her 30m off and firing the .22 and throwing a retrieve.
    Slowly working up to simulated stalk over a few weeks. she now sits steady at heal as I fire and send here in.(she never would have done this 4mths back)
    Now I shall take the sound mod off and go back to 30m off retrieves.

    This is slow going but don't want to screw her up.

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    EMcC, dont think you will make a worker out of that one, unless you use it to follow up on shot animals. My intro to gun fire is over weeks and starts off when the dog is getting fed, ill fire a airgun when i am some distance from the kennel and watch to see the reaction(not wanting any) of the dog. I will gradually over a period of days move closer to the dog. I then walk the dog at heel, command sit and stay, walk away fire a shot away from the dog of course, still with an airgun. I then progress on to a rimfire and then the fullbore. I have never had any problem. I also think if there is another dog who is'nt gunshy present might help

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    The problem I have is that when the wind is in the 'wrong' direction I get all the noise from Bulford rifle ranges and when it is in the other direction I get all the big bangs from the Salisbury Plain Artillery ranges.
    This dog was bought purely as a pet/company for my wife.
    Before I retired I had Springers and never had a problem.
    When wife was taken ill and had to give up work, the last springer I had at the time had a stroke, so I gave up stalking and running a pheasant shoot and thought we'd never get another dog and as far as I was concerned my life had come to an end.
    As we have always had dogs and the loss of the last Springer upset my wife so much the Dr suggested another dog might help her.
    She said she could never have another Springer because it would bring back memories and upset her and also she was worried I might use it to get back into the pheasants !!
    So when I saw this advert for Springer cross Labrador pups I talked her into it, thinking I was on to something good !!
    However when we went to collect this 'pup' it was a litter living in a horse box at the bottom of a ten acre field and only called to the house to be fed when called.
    This particular one came and sat by my wifes leg so was chosen but 'puppies' they were not.
    They had adult teethe and no puppy smell.
    The owner had been abroad for six months and left the daughter, who lived in the next village, to look after the 'mother' which had the pups while she was away.
    She told her daughter to feed them until she came back to UK so that was the best part of six months and when I registered her with the vet she reckoned it was at least seven months old then.
    So as a result of it's first seven months I lost all the 'bonding' and training that is usually best for any working dog.
    All my other dogs have never been allowed in the house past the kitchen but this one has the run of the house.

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    Trucraft, Sounds like you are on the right track. With nervy types you have to take it slow and easy. My last lab was that nervy. When I first got her when I called her name she used to pee. If I spoke to her in a gruff way she would take the huff and wouldnt do owt. I really had to change my own temperament to suit her(done me good). She did however make a cracking all round worker.

    EMcC that's some shine on the dogs coat

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    As far as I'm aware, dogs can be born 'gun shy' but can also be made 'gun nervous'. You need to asertain which he / she is - if its actually 'gun shy' it should never be bred from to prevent the gene being passed on, but gun nervousness can be over come in the same way you've been trying. Trying a small bore gun at distance, fired by yourself, with a trusted helper looking after and reassuring the dog. Decrease the distance over time until she / he is confident. Another big help as a puppy, is getting the dog used to loud 'non gun' noises, such as hoovering around the house and the tv on loud - this all goes to getting the dog used to loud noises from the off.

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Rem284 "EMcC that's some shine on the dogs coat"

    Yes, and she is still like it now at four years old.
    Sometimes she reminds me of a Seal coming out of the water.
    Brilliant coat for spotting ticks too !!!!!

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