I got frustrated with the 2MOA accuracy I was getting with my Browning BAR 30-06 and decided to dig in my gunroom for an alternate. I came across a rumpled canvas case housing my old Mauser 98 custom sporter in 7x57. It has one of the most spectacular pieces if crotch figure walnut I have ever seen built in a mannlicher configuration and despite the lack of free floating, it has always been very accurate. I have hunted much with this rifle but not at all in recent memory. (I've had it since 1981) I loaded 20 rounds using new PRVI brass and 140 grain bullets. My notes said it likes a Speer 145 grain Spitzer and I found some ammo I'd loaded dated 1994 so I took it to the range as well.

The rifle shot well with the new ammo and the old reloads as well. Five shot groups in the .75" class using a full load of H-4831. The amazing thing -and this being the point of the post- was that the rounds dropped right where I would have expected them to: 2.5" high at 100 yards. This has been the chosen POI since I started loading for it. It then occurred to me that the last time I adjusted the scope zero at all was in 1982 when I was shooting 500M metallic silhouette comps in the sporter class. I have never tweaked it so much as a click since. Now, 16 years after I loaded that last batch of ammo (I'm guessing I shot it then) the rifle is still tacking groups right where I want them despite having been moved between States, along with the rest of the collection, three times. What a trooper! ~Muir