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Thread: blaser 93 maxum mod

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    blaser 93 maxum mod

    morning all !

    has anyone fitted an atec maxum mod to there r83 blaser ? i picked up my new r93 and maxum mod on friday and the mod wont fit the rifle ! doesnt seem to go over the spigot its ment to be 15mm ! anyone else had the same problem
    atb smudge

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    Ha! Ha!, you have a 15mm mod what you need is a 15 x 1 Spigot mod.
    Sounds daft I know but you must ask for the full title.
    I have an A-Tec Maxim mod, as imported by Jacksons, I also have an A-tec imported by Jaegar of this site.
    The Maxim from Jackson fits my R93 perfectly and is very effective too I might add, and the A-Tec from Jaegar has just the thread, no spigot, and is used on my other rifle that has thread only.
    It sounds as if you only quoted the thread when you ordered yours.

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    no i asked for a spigot and the box is marked 15mm spigot

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    Smudge, unscrew the first section and have a look inside, you should be able to see the spigot. It may have been put in the wrong box.
    I used my Maxim on both the .243 and the 30-06 barrel and mine screws down perfectly.
    Incidentally, my box had '15 x 1 spigot' written on it, no sign of mm's.
    Where did you get yours from, they should have the answer if you contact them.

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    it came from jacksons !! they were trying to blame blaser for making the barrel the wrong size !!!!

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    WOW !! I've never heard of that before. So what did Jacksons say the barrel thread was then ?
    I have not asked for any specific thread on the barrels I bought and both came with 15x1 Spigot as standard from the Blaser Factory.

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    am still waiting on there reply !! the barrel is 15mm i checked it ! its a new shipment of mods i think atec has got it wrong

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    jacksons wont send out another mod untill they have the original back in there hands as they still think it is more likely the blaser screwcutting and spigot that is at fault rather than there mod as it is made on a cnc laith !!! they must think blaser screwcut there barrels in someones back shed !!!

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    Blaser, Sauer and Mauser (same factory makes the barrels) are 15(mm)x1 thread rate and are spigoted as standard.

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    according to dennis at jacksons they all make mistakes !! where would your money be on a three grand blaser or a 200 quid mod ????

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