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Thread: Asulox is banned

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    Asulox is banned

    Copied from another source>>>>>

    Asulam has been removed from a list of chemicals approved for use within the European Union because of safety fears about its occasional use on spinach. However this herbicide, most commonly sold as ‘Asulox’, is mainly used to fight the spread of bracken (ie.
    Pteridium aquilinum)in moorland areas of Europe and hunters should be concerned about the potential implications of this ban.
    Asulam is the only chemical available to control bracken and its loss will be a blow to efforts to manage moorlands. There are even fears that a potential explosion in unmanaged bracken will result in an increase in people contracting Lyme’s disease. This is because bracken is a favoured habitat of several species of ticks which can transmit the infectious disease to people – hunters being particularly at risk.
    It was hoped that common sense would win the day earlier this year when six member states, the UK, Ireland, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic said no to the proposed ban. But that wasn’t enough and the decision was referred to an EU appeals committee. Subsequent lobbying of the representatives on that committee fell on deaf ears and the appeals committee upheld the decision to ban Asulam.
    As a result, all EU members states must withdraw the registration of any products containing Asulam by the end of this year, and stocks of the herbicide must be used by the end of 2012. Thereafter countries will have to demonstrate that they need an emergency derogation to continue to allow its use. United Phosphorus Ltd (UPL) in Europe, who produce the herbicide under the product name ‘Asulox’, are hoping they can get Asulam readmitted to the approved list. However, due the amount of bureaucracy involved, that won’t happen until 2016 at the earliest.
    If you use herbicides to manage bracken make sure you contact your supplier straight away.

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    Our bracken is still standing and is normally flat by now.. frost seems to do the trick and would hate to try and use a chemical on it... any need to poison it?

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    Frost doesn't kill it, the rhizomes under the soil will just grow back next year

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    Correct... but it kills above ground level. We don't mind too much as it provides cover for our poults but right now we could do with less as the birds are using it to run through and they won't fly until a dog is on thier backside.. tough going for our beaters and dogs.

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    As far as I know, its use is of most benefit on grouse moors where bracken can have a serious impact on the heather.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    As far as I know, its use is of most benefit on grouse moors where bracken can have a serious impact on the heather.
    And on improved grazing ground in moorland areas.

    I have already contacted my supplier !! and stocked up.

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    Wot did ur supplier say Charlie. I thought it had a reprive and they had decided not to ban it as there is no alternative to it. I remeber speaking to a few grouse keepers who are trying to reinstate moors and i think that's all thhey do throu the end off summer, spraying it anywhere they could get a quad or argo.

    I think alot off the nature conservation agencies were against the ban too as a lot of SSSI's are under pressure from braken. There were alot off grants on the go for braken control/eradication

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    The last info I had from them, early summer, was that it had indeed been reprieved although the EU were still minded to seek a ban. Whether or not the EU will press the matter is anyone's guess.

    I therefore made the decision that I will keep topping up my good stock just in case !!. Certainly whilst bracken control is flavour of the month with NE, NT and national parks etc there is pressure from the UK to keep it.

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