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Thread: swarovski spares

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    swarovski spares

    anyone know if you can get replacement parts for swaro bins? I put my bins under the divers seat of my car and when I changed the seat position I damaged them. Basically the peg on the little spring that moves in the slot has sheared off on both sides. Also the bottom of the slot has cracked. It would be a couple of minutes (if that) to replace these with new bits if I could get them. Otherwise the bins are tip top.


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    Ring Swarovski UK 01737 856812 and they will sort you out straight away, if they try to charge you let me know.



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    I post a thread with a problem. Get as instant reply with the exact info I need. Phone swaro and the bits I need are in the post.


    Thanks HME, Swarovski and Stalking Directory.

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    I've not experienced it yet thank god but their customer service really does appear to be top notch.

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