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Thread: Ticks in Southern England ??

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    Ticks in Southern England ??

    Afternoon All.

    Can I ask if anybody else is seeing unusual amounts of ticks on deer in the South / South East of England ?? I have shot two Roe bucks and two Muntjac in the last week, and did not count less than 15 ticks on any of the carcases ??

    Appreciate that this may be a lot less than in other parts of the country, but around where I am it is unusual to see so many on the bodies of the deer being shot !!

    Having to get used to REALLY checking the dog, and myself after each outing. Some of them are bloody huge....

    All the best.


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    Sounds par for the course these days. Numbers seem to be worse year on year in many places.

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    Its not the huge ones you need to worry about, its the tiny little beggars the size of a pin head. They are the ones that embed themselves in you, and give you trouble. Having had lymes disease myself, I am very aware ticks and the damage they can potentially do.

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    went out in june shot one buck about 13 ticks on buck. and on my return home found two on me one on my hip and one on my leg i hate ticks.

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    I did a lot of bivving and wild camping, and until i started stalking never gave ticks a second thought. Now after reading loads of threads about them and the amount of people who get lymes im paranoid about the beggers. When i was about 12 we went to wooler on a outbound course thing. And whislt out hiking one day a found a huge piece of sheeps fleece. Not knowing any better put in on my head and did my best jimmy savile. The instructor saw me and told me to take it off it may have ticks. You guessed it. Later on while having tea at the centre (may have been the next day) i felt a lump on my head. I asked my mate to have a look and he screamed. The next 20 mins or so saw 2 teachers and a instructor trying to get it out. First was cotton wool and salt water, followed by a lump of vasiline. Then came the cigarette. Followed by the twizers. They got the body out but left the mouth in. Which turned a bit nasty. My mum took me to the Drs and he got it all out in the end. Amazing what they used to do in the old days lol.

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    There are more on the ground than on the deer, lets hope a few ground frosts will knock a few off.

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    Good numbers on some of the Roe I have shot with clients in West Sussex over the past few weeks. Fallow seem to be fairly clear. Keep a close eye on all tick bites as Lymes disease is in West Sussex and Hampshire.

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    lymes is in the tunbridge wells area too my cousin is undergoing treatment for it at the moment.
    he was only out rabbiting with his air rifle when he was bitten.

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    Right I've gone all pedantic must be the Luna phase.
    It is Lyme disease not Lymes.
    They are bullets not bullet heads.
    And don't get me started on die or dice.
    Right I am off to have a Valium, "Nurse Nurse"

    Ps Just thought been in Lyme park with the dag today,last time me n him were there I flicked a tick off his neck as it was crawling up, also one off my trousers.
    Wonder how many people a year visit this NT attraction, not saying they have Lyme disease in the Red herd,but they are orrible little gits, ticks not red deer.
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    I won't be slinging any deer oven me shoulder then. Merly send my man to collect them anc carry them for me.
    Definitely getting paranoid about ticks and that is only from reading on this forum.
    The weather has been so mild I guess it is not killing them off.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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