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Thread: Variation Advice

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    Variation Advice

    I used to have a space on my FAC for a 30-06 but did a one for one swap for .223. I am now thinking of maybe getting a bigger calibre for use in South Africa. Would it be possible to do a one for one swap with an FAC air rifle space that I still have on my FAC? Also whilst on the subject what are your opinions on a calibre for plains game, are there better calibres than 30-06 and 308? I notice that alot of South African guides recommend 30-06 due to its flexibility.



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    yes you can swap the fac air slot for a 30/06 if you want its free. as your only after a swap not adding to your fac so no fee is to be paid

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    I recently did a one for one variation, from FAC airgun to a .243 with no problems.

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    I recently asked D&C if it would be possible to have a one for one variation, a 22LR for a 6.5x55 and they informed me that as it is of a larger calibre I still will have to pay for the variation.

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    D & C making it up as they go along again!

    They can only charge for an increase in the number of weapons held. A one for one is not chargeable according to the HO guidance.

    Chapter and verse...

    Home Office publication "Firearms Law: Guidance to the Police 2002"

    10.49 Form 101 should be used for
    applications to vary a certificate. The
    certificate holder should submit their firearm
    certificate, along with the completed form
    101, and, where appropriate, the fee, to the
    police force headquarters. A fee is payable
    only in respect of variations which increase
    the number of firearms to which the
    certificate relates: if the holder wishes to
    dispose of one firearm and replace it with
    another at the same time then no fee is
    payable (see paragraph 10.51 below for
    further information).

    10.51 A variation is always necessary if a
    certificate holder wishes to change one of the
    firearms, even if they wish to purchase one
    identical to the one they are selling (Wilson v
    Coombe, Queen’s Bench Divisional Court, July
    1988). “One for one” variation refers to
    firearms that are authorised to be acquired
    at the same time as one is being disposed
    of. For practical purposes this is normally
    taken to be within seven days. The use
    of authorities which can be kept open
    indefinitely should be discouraged.
    Applications for “one for one” variations
    should be made by the certificate holder
    submitting their firearm certificate together
    with a completed form 101 to the police
    firearms licensing department. Such variations
    are processed free of charge. In most cases,
    it will not be necessary to re-examine the
    applicant’s circumstances. Further inquiries
    will be necessary, however, if for example
    the application is for a change of use or
    for a full-bore firearm when the holder’s
    shooting club only has facilities for
    small-bore shooting.

    The first section in bold suggests that it is not only slots that are "filled" that can be the subject of free one for one variations, but also unfilled slots. As long as you can prove good reason to hold, they should do it FOC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J o h n View Post
    I recently asked D&C if it would be possible to have a one for one variation, a 22LR for a 6.5x55 and they informed me that as it is of a larger calibre I still will have to pay for the variation.
    Sounds like an error by whoever you spoke to, was it the main office wallahs, (who usually know what they are on about), or was it a typist or one of the less informed FEOs?

    No way that a one for one variation is going to cost you anything. Just put in for it on the Form 101, (without any cash), and you should receive what you require. Any problems and you should refer them to their own website; where it states - "(One for one variation) - FREE" - seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

    I should add that D&C are one of the more ameniable forces in the country with AOLQ and a single condition for multiple firearms/quarry, so this sounds like a cock-up by an individual.
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    Cheers gents...sounds like a winner then.

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    I used a .300wsm in Africa for plains game last year and everything was killed with one shot. Its a very similar balisticcally to the .300 win mag with a little less recoil and you can get a rifle with a shorter action. It can take up to 200gn ammo but the downside of it is the ammo is not as readily available. I took plenty over with me.

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    30-06 will be brilliant for Africa. my friend and I both took 30-06 last year and killed everthing clean from 70- 220 yrds, biggest animal was Wildebeast

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    I guess I should have questioned my Firearms officer a bit more, instead I took their word for it and send off a cheque with my variation request.

    I shouldn't grumble too much as I had my certificate returned back to me within 10days.

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