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Thread: VERY bad day yesterday.........

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    VERY bad day yesterday.........

    I was in a very serious RTC yesterday morning on my way to a Farmers Market in Winchester,my truck was in collision with a Citroen Saxo that came across the road at me.I am ok all but a few broken ribs and badly bruised with cuts and grazes,but,the other young lad was airlifted to Frenchay Hospital and the last I heard from the police was that he had already had 3-4 brain operations and he has broken almost every bone in his body.I was travelling at approximately 35-40mph,and he had to be doing 60-70mph which is an accumulative speed of over 100mph,and that is one scary thing to happen to you,but,I would like to take this opportunity to ask people to say a little prayer for him,even though he was daft and it was his own fault,I would feel a whole lot better if he pulls through,so,whoever you say your prayers to please spare one for this young lad.


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    Martin, will do, we all do silly things when we're young, and don't realise how lucky we are to get away with them. All the best to you, mate.

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    Sorry to hear that Martin, and glad you are ok! Having spent 6 weeks in Frenchay Hospital this year and seeing the helicopters coming in day in day out I know those guys do a hell of a job and he's in the best possible hands.

    Whatever the outcome though, don't start blaming yourself, it's not your fault. It's too easy to get into the 'what if I did something different' game but the fact is there is never time, you do what you do in the few milliseconds you get but the outcome is decided by fate, not you.

    Hope the old ribs heal up fast!

    all the best,


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    remington i know exactly how you are feeling i had a very similar thing happen last month,my passenger wasnt as lucky as me his seat broke and it chucked him in the back of my van breaking two vertibrea he is now laid up in a body cast the driver of the other vehicle ran me off the road and we rolled down a bank,police caught him and hes now getting done for dangerous driving but i wouldnt wish any harm on him hope the lad makes a recovery,atb wayne

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    willsay one for him and hope you heal qiuck,an old saying i remember say's To be old and wise one must first be young and true good luck

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    Happy to hear you are ok mate. If you need a hand with anything you know where i am.
    Hope the lad pulls through, you also have to feel sorry for his family.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Glad to hear your ok, sounds like you came off lightly. I hope the lad pulls through.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bsa View Post
    willsay one for him and hope you heal qiuck,an old saying i remember say's To be old and wise one must first be young and true good luck
    too true,and any family with bairns,about to become drivers it is a worry,,me too,my young laddie aint gettin no help,,i know you are thinkin i am a miserable scottish c..t,but hey,i love all my family dearly,and i will help him with general runnings of the car and keeping the hoor on the road,but if he thinks i am going to buy him a car to kick the **** out off and pay the insurance.......which happens alot in this day and age,,he is mistaken,my laddie will buy a car he can afford including insurance,and i shall watch quietly,,afterall he has cost me enough,,yes i am a miserable c..t,,,,i might buy another kiploff.......hope everyone comes through,live long.

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    Blooming heck martin you havent had much luck lately have you, then again if you were in a car instead of your truck you would know probably be lying in the bed next to him so be thankful for small mercies.
    RTAs are never pleasant for either party despite who was at fault
    I hope you both make a speedy recovery

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    I think of some of the stupid s**t we used to do in cars when we were younger. I count my lucky stars we only had a few relatively minor 'offs', I've got everything crossed for him.


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