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Thread: new member co durham

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    new member co durham

    the names neil,from co durham,mainly do pest vermin control have done quite few years now,using at the minute a cz 452 & aas410 extra fac.been on the look out for a cheap 12g just to use now and again for corvids,thats whats made me join the forum keeps popping up in searchs.

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    Hi Neil. welcome. If it is a corvid problem the 17hmr is sorting them out for me. Crows seem to have sussed the range of a 22 rimmy and shotgun, haven't quite worked out the extra range of the 17hmr.

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    these are in and out the barns and just generaly around one of the farms i do not on the fields thats the reason for the 12g

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome to the site bullet23

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