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Thread: A good vet in Manchester

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    A good vet in Manchester

    My Gwp (griff) had the misfortune to stand on some arseholes broken beer bottle last week
    And split one of his front toe pads in two, On a friends advise took him to the vet he has used for 20years in Gorton Manchester
    He injected him with antibiotics cleaned and dressed the wound and booked him in for an operation the following day.
    The op consisted of checking the tendon for damage stitching the muscle back together and then closing the pad back up and dressing it.
    When I collected him he gave him another antibiotic injection a course of the same in tablet form and a bill for 112.00.
    this included the visit the night before, Well worth the 40mile round trip compared with the designer vets we have locally who only know how to charge.
    Address below if you are local and need a good vet.
    Mount rd veterinary surgery
    Gorton Manchester
    M18 7QT
    Tel 0161 223 0225.

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    my springer spaniel did exactley the same 3 years ago and it cost me 340 at the vets at cheadle /stockport.thanks for the heads up on a good vet charging resonable money

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    Went back tonight and had stitches out, I was a bit concerned it had opened up a bit but vet seemed happy, gave him another course of antibiotics his glands were slightly swollen but other than that just a matter of time,
    Charged another 16.50. Still a lot better than any other vet I can think of.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Nice to hear, I had a similar experience last year when stalking in Dumfries my Weimaraner was bitten by an adder. I phoned the vets and set off to the surgery, about 20 miles away. The vet was there waiting, this was an out of hours call out, the dog was given a number of injections and a 2 week supply of 3 different tablets. She was kept in for observations for 6 hours. The bill was a few pence short of 47, yes change from 50.

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    nice to know there are a few honest vets out there wingy.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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