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Thread: First vixen calling?

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    First vixen calling?

    Out for an hour this evening, heard the first vixen calling this year, anyone else heard any?

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    dont live in Midsommer do you

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    the farmer called me on friday to say they were calling ,

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    cant hear them if u havent got them

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    dont worry , there will be one along soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    dont worry , there will be one along soon
    hope so sick of seeing nowt ie it wont be there for long

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    good man , what you on with , grouse ?

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    [QUOTE=trouble;277106]good man , what you on with , grouse ?[/QUOTE pm sent

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    I heard my first one Sunday night. So good of her to let me know she was thereFive mins later she was Dead one less that will be breading on mine.

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    Talking to shooting buddy last night and he mentioned he thought he heard a vixen calling at the weekend.

    The two vixens I shot last week were in excellent condition with very thick winter coats.


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