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Thread: .308 bullet weight for fallow

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    .308 bullet weight for fallow

    what weight of bullet do you use for fallow. this will probably lead to a whole host of questions. i want to start reloading and wanted to try a range of bullet weights to see what suited my gun. ihave had good results with geco 150 gn and have tried geco 170 and winchester 180. i have looked at bullet weights available for reloading and am a bit bewildered by the choice.
    am i doing things the right way round or do i pick a bullet weight then develope a load around the bullet weight.
    the shop i usually buy ammunition from has recently only stocked 170 and 180 gn is this just the most common choice

    any advice gratefully received

    regards pj

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    150grn. All day, every day. It seems to me to be the optimum bullet weight for .308.
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    150 grain bullets do seem to be the "standard" in 308 with 165 grain probably being next in the queue for popularity. In this country where supply is often a problem the first thing I might suggest is that you shoot something you can get a reliable supply of especially if you find yourself in a situation where unloaded expanding ammo counts towards your total ammo holding and so prevents you from stocking up a little.

    Both 150 and 165 grain bullets shoot well in my 308 but I didn't put much development into the 165 grain load and elected to go with the 150s as standard on the basis that there would be a good reason why most people were using them and also supplies were fairly reliable. I shoot sika and reds only and all I can say is that cup and core 150 grain (Hornady Spire Points) bullets kill them well and I've never had one not exit. I get 3000fps from the Hornadys. I also have a (new) load with 150 grain Nosler Partitons, I had to slow them down quite a bit when compared to the Hornadays but have no clear idea of how fast they go, however they shoot well and the two deer I've used them on have both died rapidly.

    In the end you can spend your life jumping from one bullet, or power, or whatever, to another so I think it is best to just pick one or two and go with them and stick to them at least until you have a reliable load you are confident in.

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    Internet is a wunnerful thing

    308 was designed to use a 150gn pill, and generally works well with this in hunting scenarios. I have used lighter and faster but never heavier.

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    The most accuracy bullet weight will be nearly entirely dependant on the twist rate of your rifle's barrel.

    Any of the .308 weights should work well enough for Fallow - I would simply stick to what bullet weight is most accurate to your rifle. Personally I would like to use 150's due to availability, but my rifle/twist suits 180's better so I stick to those.

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    150's all day long from my point of view. If you want to go heavy make sure your rifle has a fast twist rate 1/10 1/11.

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    Jumping on the 150 bandwagon, 150 RWS works great for me

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    150 mainly or 165 grain seem to be the easiest to obtain regularly in my experience.
    Have had good groups from 180grain at 100 but concerned about the banana trajectory at distance, IMO a bit heavy for .308 Win but probably better in 30.06
    The only way though is to try and find what your gun really likes, expensive but addictive, welcome to the reloading club.
    Enjoy, you know you're worth it.

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    150 interlocks
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    150 grain sierra prohunter. Reasonable price good accuracy on fallow and boar!
    ATb Steve

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