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Thread: .243 vs 6x47L Improved

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    .243 vs 6x47L Improved


    who can tell me about the difference in performance between a bog-standard .243 win and a 6x47 lapua improved? I don't mean the case, but what should I expect if I was to rebarrel to the 6x version, in terms of velocity, ability to handle smaller/larger bullet weights, trajectory differences at XYZ range, etc.

    anyone ever looked at a comparison?

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    I was going to go into a long detailed explanation, but then I thought you will only be dreaming about some other cartridge tomorrow. Everyone else uses google and then makes an opinion based on the info they have or haven't gained.

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    yeah, thanks for the input and thoughtfulness in your replies guys, it's much appreciated and makes me feel real good.

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    Stick with your .243 PKL you won't go wrong.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    No No 6X47 is so yesterday, what you want is a 243SLR (super long range) cartridge I kid you not.



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    Ha ha ha,

    I know mate, nothing wrong with it, but the idea that BETTER is out there makes me twinge and want it

    Truth is, my .243 barrel has not seen much wear, but it's been worn badly by the last few seasons on the hill stags and hinds and I see it being replaced before its insides deem a change due TBCH.

    Therefore, I was thinking about alternatives using my sako .243 action......

    wasn't trying to waste anyones time here..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    ....., I was thinking about alternatives using my sako .243 action.......

    I have been tangling with the same question and despite some comprehensive advice from Laurie Holland, I am going to plod on for another season with the .243. In a year's time I suspect I will rebarrel it to 260 Rem.

    Regards JCS

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    Can't really offer any advice as I haven't come across a 6x47 improved, but I know people who have shot the regular version and found them a bit on the tricky side to tune. For me, I went with the 6.5x

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    Yes, contemplated on 260rem as well, just trying to think of a chambering which is a touch better in the wind and a bit more efficient than the .243, still being a very good vermin, fox, roe round that can double up on the hinds/calves on the hill if need be.

    Not knowing much, or able to find much info on the 6x47L, I thought maybe some members would be keen to share their own findings and/or experiences, and share this with other members who might be similarly curious.

    Danp - no one is asking for your comments, if you don't feel like adding your precious words, keep your mouth shut mate.

    Frank Homes - see comments for Danp.

    I find both your posts rude and unnecessary, I'm usually a very polite contributor to the forum, and enjoy exploring wildcat chamberings via other forum members knowledge, I don't see what's wrong with that, but in this instance I am a little annoyed at your useless contributions.

    Thar - SLR, sounds interesting, not sure if its my bag, but I will have a look
    Uncle buck - ha ha, I know, but I am never satisfied!
    Jali - fine tuning issues, could be a pain, worth bearing in mind..

    JCS - thanks for the comments regarding the 260, the benefit here is you'll probably just need a new barrel, as the case is based on the .308. I also thought about the 6.5x47, but this will probably require more work to get to almost the same result. Benefit I guess is a less explosive round on roe, ok for sika and good on reds. perhaps a touch large for varminting, except that the 6.5 coefficient means its very good in the wind at longer ranges so a varmint BT in a light bullet might be the business! One thing I am concerned about is whether the Sako mag will accept the longer 140g 6.5mm bullets unless deep seated.
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