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Thread: I can't decide...any help?????

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    Depends what you want to shoot, and at what range.....(and I don't think you will get much light out of the second one )

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    I have the first and it is surprisingly bright.
    not sure I would read so much into the 170yds and 200yds claims but ot is more than enough light for a one man bunny bashing foray with a .22 (on which I mount mine)

    one thing I would say is that I have had much more luck mounting it on the silencer rather than the scope.
    much clearer vision through scope, less shadow in light beam

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    I put the first one on my boys air rifle and it is very good as well as well made.

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    hi scott , i use the cluson masterlite and find it a great piece of kit had it over a year now foxes out to 160yds no problem but a couple of my mates have had issues with reflections of their moderators which are over the barrel type

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    hi i havent used either of these but i had a cluson h.i.d gun light and also have big cluson lamps as a company they are v good to deel with ie spares etc..they have sent me bits foc before

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    I just bought the clulite one, because it was a fraction of the price of the other.
    It seems to be the cheapest rechargeable gun light around.
    It's not great, but ok for rabbitting etc with .22
    Filters are available, and it has a stock mounted switch.
    The mount seems a bit crude and clunky compared to others, but it's quick to take on and off (no tools needed) and the angle of the beam is adjustable, which doesn't seem to be the case with any of the others.

    If I had a bigger budget (and bigger calibre and a more ambitious quarry list) I'd have gone something a bit more powerful.

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    i have the tac 400 and find it an excellent bit of kit having had the clulite and moved on to better so if you can i would buy the tac 400 i have it mounted under my silencer on my rimfire SA for bunnie bashing but have used it on my centerfire also with great effect up to about 150-200 yds max, hope this helps.

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    Mate of mine use's the Ledray T 700, bit of mess'n about at first with reflection problems.

    Eventually overcome buy fit'n a small tube (same idea as sunshade) mind you pain in the ass

    finding the right diameter! Cracking bit of kit.

    Probably find Deben will sort that out if they bring out a new version!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    there is also the pro 1 gun light kit from clu-light this has a longer beam at 250 meters and is lighter at 325grams instead of 380 gramsr.r.p for this is £123.50 +vat to include the four colour filter kit

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