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Thread: A good morning with JRoe

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    A good morning with JRoe

    well here goes for my first write up- well awoke at 4.15am sat morning to get ready and make my journey up to inverness for what would be my first deer stalking experiance with someone i had never met before. Arrived at johns house at around quater past 7 and straight away soon as i started talking to john felt as if i had knowing him for ages even thou having only exchanged emails. this is credit to john being a real nice guy. So as it was still quiet dark had a sit down having a chat about what we would being doing today and how we would be going about it.

    so we set out both jumping into johns jeep and off we went to the grounds which was only a short drive from the house. Scaning the grounds as we took a short drive round and within 10 minutes of being on the grounds john stops spots a doe and 2 kids out in the feld feeding. so having a look round we decide its best to go back and drive round and stalk in on her from the top side. we both get out the jeep and decide its best to stalk down the tree line as being inside the wood was too noisy.there being no wind and clear sky you could hear a pin drop so this was going to be good getting close enuf for a shot. well we set off down the tree line keeping checks on her just on the skyline and i must admit after two very noisy pheasants rising a few yards infront of us i thought our chance was long gone. but no we kept going frezing every time she raised her head, few times i was sure see had seen us as she was looking straight at us. well as we were getting closer to where we could get a shot she just at her leasurly pace bounced over the hill as thou he knew exactly what she was doing luring us in and then running away laughing (well thats my opinon) well we stalked over the hill but they were long we then stalked more of the grounds on foot with not very much luck it was such a quiet still morning could probaly here us a mile off but was still a great morning watching listeng and learning of john. Well after a much appreciated bite to eat and coffee,john thought we would give it one last go and check the last bit of woodland and deer stalking being what it is, the last chance in the last corner up pops a doe then dissapears. then from the same corner out pop a fox so not wanting to miss a chance on i go with the rifle on sticks while john squeeks the fox to try and stop him for half a second till i get a shot no such luck but somthing made me have a look to where we had seen the doe and there she was nosy bugger standing perfect broadside posing almost. i say to john he gives me the nod to turn round and take the shot on the sticks again steading myself to get the shot, john having a few quiet word of encourage ment in my ear. boom down she went 2 yards from where i had shoot her.succsess at last

    so all in all a very good day. i would recomend going up there to anyone such a nice geniune guy easy to talk to help you out with anything. I for one will definetly be returning as soon as possible and sorry for any poor grammer.

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    Excellent write up David, looks like you had a brilliant day!! Was this your first deer stalking altogether, or just with someone different? If your first deer, then certailnly won't be your last and you can kiss your savings goodbye !! Don't worry about the grammar, nobody cares on here, nobody's perfect. You painted the scene brilliantly. Very well done on your success!

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    Hi timney, this was my first stalking experience with some one different it's always been with the same guy since I started stalking and me normally being a shy person was pretty nervous didnt know what to expect, but yeah I am just entering the world of lossing all my savings as I am try to get my own FAC/ dsc LVL 1/2 grounds for stalking so I am pretty much hooked no going back now. Thanks timney was a great morning.


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