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Thread: Sauer 202 Barrel removal.

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    Sauer 202 Barrel removal.

    Can anyone help me get the barrel off my Sauer 202 Outback?
    Ive undone the nut but cant pull the forend off. Maybe just stiff I dont know. Anybody had any experience or know any tricks?
    Yours in anticipation!!!


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    When you say that you have un-done the nut, do you mean the hex socket about a foot down into the 4-end using the sauer tool?
    THis is the only thing that holds the 4-end on on my 202 and as soon as you start un-doing it, your 4-end should start to feel loose.

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    Hi Andy,
    It does not feel loose at all . Maybe I should wriggle it a bit firmer?
    The stock wriggles off easily .What happens next if i get the forend off? I was thinking about getting a .243 barrel for it and wanted to make preliminary investigations to start with. Any more advice would be helpful before I start wrestling on the lounge floor and swearing badly!

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    Once the forend comes off, it has 3 grub screws that you undo with an allen key. I believe you are then able to twist off the barrel.

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    send me your email addy and i will send a manual for the 202

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    That would be great. Cheers.
    I have PM'd you my email.

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    Could you email it to too please.



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