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Thread: Wanted information on .243 Ammunition

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    Wanted information on .243 Ammunition

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone on here knows where I may purchase Geco 105gr rounds from in the Aberdeenshire area? I have read they are quite good and wish to try them too make my own mind up on them.

    Thanks for looking


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    I am sorry but I cant tell you where to get the Geco rounds, but I just went into my local gun shop and asked the dealer to order me in a case of 200. He had them within 4 days. I was lucky in that I managed to have a go with them prior to buying them and found that they were great, indeed the RWS Geco 105 gr and Norma 100 gr both SP’s were the only rounds I could get to group sub 1” consistently in my Tikka T3. The Norma’s cost 33 for 20 and the Geco 18 for 20. I bet you can guess which I opted to go with.
    The Geco are great, I have had a few Red Spikers with them and they drop where they are shot with minimal damage to the meat. The ME is 2036 ft/Ibs and drops to around 1360 at the 200 yard mark. The MV is 2955 ft/sec and drops to 2415 at 200 yards so as you can see they are well up to it.
    With the rounds being so cheap I just use the same ones when I go out foxing, it saves scope adjustment. I would advise you to try before you buy, I don't know when I am next up the road as I would have let you try some of mine.

    Good luck in your search.

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