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Thread: Chiller/Fridge outside?

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    Chiller/Fridge outside?

    I am looking to get a chiller at some point in the future and have very little in the way of room. When I contacted the BDS they suggested the simple (and since reading on here) very obvious route of a 2nd hand drinks fridge such as those seen in petrol stations etc.

    The problem here is that it would be too big to go anywhere inside the house and I have very little in the way of outdoor space.

    I am thinking of buying a very small, but tall, garden shed affair and putting the chiller in that. I was wondering if anyone else has been faced with a similar issue and come up with any ingenious ways of getting round the problem?



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    Hi mate

    I don't see any problems with this other than in the summer time it can get very warm inside a shed so the chiller would be working harder to keep the temperature down. You could insulate the shed with polestyrene .


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    You may have to think about vents and an extractor fan to keep the air moving around the shed and I would line it with Jablite so that the sun as less effect but apart from that I cant see any problem with your idea. Needs must.

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    I have got a large double door chiller in a shed. I had to raise the roof of the shed because the refrigeration unt is on top of the cabinet. I put in an extractor fan buit it's simpler and cheaper just to leave the door open in the summer if it is running and I only run it when there is a beast in it. I also keep a couple of chest freezers in there and often have teh door open for them.

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    Try and 'Google' running fridges in cooler environments, seem to remember some fridges designed specially for this, might give you some ideas for a cheapy.

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    My first walk in fridge was just this
    A garden shed with an old air conditioning unit that was converted to run on refrigeration gas and a blower that I purchased of a mate
    It was capable of bringing the temp down to 1 degree in hours with out any insulation
    And to be honest not that costly to set up
    Before that I had a shop fridge display counter that came out of an old butchers shop , which when not in use had a tarp thrown over it to keep it safe from the weather

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    Thanks very much for all the ideas folks - I knew it would be worth the ask!

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