This might get moved but I have not put this in the sales section because he is free to a good home.

I have a young spaniel dog. He has a lovely temprement is not gun shy but will not retrieve. Now that is not too much of a problem but between the age of 6 months and 3 years he had 3 fits and not knowing what to do for the best I did not do enough with him. He is kenneled and soft as a boiled owl and I would like to rehome him to somebody who wants a pet dog of good temprement and does not wish to work him incase this brings on a fit . That said he seems to have grown out of them now and has not had one for over a year. He is free to a good home idealy for someone who is older and would prefer to have got past the puppy stage. If anyone is interested in giving him a home then please PM me. This was prompted by the recent post where a dog of this type was required for a child. I was just too late!