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Thread: Browning xbolt 22-250

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    Browning xbolt 22-250

    For sale browning xbolt in 22-250. As new condition as only having 20 rounds through it from new to sight in scope. Comes with harris swivel bi pod, sling and threaded and fitted with t8 mod (or t4 which ever it is fornthis calibre. Also has a doctor scope 3-12-56 which has just been fully serviced from doctor.
    Looking for around 1200 for the lot or 800 without scope.
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    bumpy, any feedback would be good , is the price a bit high do you think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    bumpy, any feedback would be good , is the price a bit high do you think
    Probably a little high mate but it just depends, if soemone is looking for a 22.250 then its a nice rifle. Ive got a 22.250 that I bought 2nd hand and it was hardly used when I had it but people are wary about used 22.250 due to the risk of barrel wear. If you haev the ammo on your lcience (which you should ahev if your not relaoding0 then you can easily prove that its hardly used.

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    Just sold a Tikka T3 Lite SS 22-250 for 350 rifle only tho

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