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Thread: Keeping your liver

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    Keeping your liver

    not sure where to put this so please feel free to move it if necessary.

    I have just come back from a Meat Hunt on a local(ish) Farm here in New Zealand. It seems to me that most Kiwi's don't seem to hang onto the liver of the Deer they kill, but I think us Brits seem to do it more often.

    I went prepared with some Zip lock bags to put my prized livers into, and I laid them next to my water bladder in the back pack so they would keep reasonably cool, until I got back to the Shearers quarters where we were staying which had a fridge.

    The next day I headed off home and put the livers in my own fridge with a view to cleaning them and using them today, last night I opened the bags to clean them up, and the smell was so bad that I wouldn't have given them to the dogs... so where did I go wrong, and how do you guys do it there?

    Admittedly the weather was hot on my return leg, but the livers were in the back of the truck, next to ice bags which were in each deer's cavities, so "should" have been OK.

    Also any tips on how to get rid of the stink of old deer blood from car carpets would be most welcome too.... just hope I don't get stopped by the cops!
    Thanks for any help

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    offal goes off much quicker. short of carrying ice/gel packs you need to keep the temp down.
    I am guessing you are in high 20's or higher temp wise there at present?

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    Agree with bewsher. I had roe liver and onions with mash and red cabbage for dinner tonight from a buck shot on friday (fantabilishess it was too). I had the liver in a fridge about 6 hrs after shooting it and the ambient temp was about 13C prior to the fridge. It was kept in the chiller (4C) since friday and was fine today.
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    It is hard to beat really fresh liver mmmmmmmm

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Thanks guys, but I guess my question was really this, how do you carry the liver out after the Gralloch?

    I put mine in the Zip lock bags, and because the livers were still warm, my guess is that this wasn't the best thing to do, but short of wrapping it in muslin or similar I'm not sure how else to do it. The ice gel bags are not a bad idea, but the livers were probably in the fridge 3-5 hours after the kill, but yes the Ambient temp here is probably around 16-20 Degrees so I'm sure that didn't help.


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    Do you cut out the gall bladder?

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    Zip lock bags would not have let the liver cool but kept the heat in the bag and accelerated the spoil time, as said make sure you cut out the gall bladder and get as much blood out as possible. Liver can spoil by not doing the above really quickly, maybe a bag with water in with the ice packs would bleed out the blood and keep it cool as well till you can attend to it. Just a thought, I only give it to my dog as I know that smell.deerwarden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferretmanabu View Post
    Do you cut out the gall bladder?
    You'd be hard pushed to find one, but let me know if you do!!

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    You will some time looking for gall bladders in deer !!!!! Due to their function liver goes off very quickly. Make certain it is cool and then slicing it to get rid of some blood before packing it alongside chill packs.

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    I suspect they mean the spleen
    Is it due to the enzymes present in liver making it go off Morena?
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