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Thread: Pregnant vixen

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    Pregnant vixen

    Somethings never cease to amaze me with the animal world and tonight I was yet again shown how things never run by the text book.

    Upon picking up a vixen I had just shot it became apparent that she was fatter than normal and a feel of her belly showed what felt like developing foetus.
    And upon opening her up I found 3 well developed foetus probabaly well over two weeks into growing if not more.
    I guess that explains the varied ages of cubs that were around this year.


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    we where out about two weeks back spotted two that had paired up by the looks of things???? we herd them calling before we lamped them never had them this early ( thinking they where cubs) but called them and seen them fully grown last years by the looks of them
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    Also coming in fast to the Vixen mating call at the moment!!!

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    Thats amazing , never seen or heard of matings this early. It would mean that the cubs would have been born about Mid December .

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    I recon they were mating early last year too. Weve had soem very big cubs very early this year.

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    De Ja Vue or what, we shot a vixen last Tues and we both thought it looked pregnant but we decided it couldn't be as it was too early in the year.


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    shot a very plump vixen Saturday night, put it down to a good living! Thinking differently know maybe?????

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    As a slight aside: can anyone point me at good vixen mating calls please?

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    I have recently been impressed with the U-caller extreme, also sends the dogs mental too!
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    Thanks. I was thinking of some I could download to my phone though. I have a couple, but wanted to change them as their effectiveness seems to drop off after a while.

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