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Thread: NV Which is the Best Value?

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    Smile NV Which is the Best Value?

    I find NV a bit bewildering what is current the best value for money NV set up?

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    depends on your budget varoius options all comes down to wonga

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    First you have to decide what you want it for, if it's rabbits only you don't need anything too expensive, however if it's for foxing then you need to step up a gera financially.
    You really need to try some gear out before you buy as the first time you try it even poor equipment can seem OK.
    Next you have to decide if you want a dedicated unit that is kept on the rifle permanently or an "add on" that fits onto a day scope, the Archer is probably the best example. A lot of questions need to be asked before you buy, it's all too easy to spend a lot of money only to be disappointed. here is some very good gear out there but a great deal of rubbish.

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    Been using an Archer a little over the past month - belongs to a mate of mine. It is certainly the most useful bit of kit I have tried, clamps on to the back of your scope, though this does make it difficult to get a good head position.

    You need to combine it with a good scope with side parallax to get a clear focus.

    These cost somewhere towards two grand. Personally I would not buy one as I do not need to shoot a fox that badly, but they are fun to play with at some-one elses expense.

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    NV Which is the Best Value?

    Thanks for the replies.

    Is it necessary when foxing to have a separate nv monocular to your nv riflescope and is gen 3 a must.

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