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Thread: shooting from a wheelchair

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    shooting from a wheelchair

    Hi all, have been off my feet all year from April,due to a bad accident,and last month decided to do a bit of shooting. I got my brother over in his van and put all my decoy stuff in and off we went. it looked like that kind of day when pigeons never come within a mile, sunny, bright with a few clouds drifting past,but it would be nice to get out. so after dropping me off in my seat and hiding the car 2 fields away, we set up, (well i sat and watched) out went the decoys and up went the hide. after awhile a few started drifting by with the occasional one just out of shot,but as the breeze picked up and the 2 silosocks started flapping we started getting some drifting in. as the shot birds started building up and got put in the pattern so the pigeons started coming in regularly, ones, twos, small groups, it wasn`t rushed shooting just a good steady supply. what a brilliant day after so many sat watching the year go by as my smashed leg tried to sort itself out. i even watched someone try to decoy pigeons while i was in my hospital bed at Coventry. we had a reasonable bag of 68 after 3 to 4 hours before pain in my ankle drove me back indoors.
    I am lucky as i will be back walking next year, even though my ankle will never be the same as it was as i came very close to losing my foot, but i hope this will show someone that even from a wheelchair you can enjoy a day out in the field shooting.

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    Nice one!

    When I did my DSC1 there was a chap on the course who stalks from a wheelchair. It was a good offroad setup with rifle rest etc.

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    Good man.


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    Glad you are able to get out whilst you are recuperating.

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    It CAN be done.....

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    Well done for geting out there. We had a disabled stalker come to us years ago, he used a converted quad to stalk on. He always got a few deer. His biggest problem was gralloching them, he couldn't get off/on the quad by himself.

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