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Thread: Hind stalking

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    Hind stalking


    Any tips about a hind stalking, my friend and myself are seeking to go on a stalk.
    We are seeking stalking, no cars, no atvs and so. Old style stalking.

    Some tip on where to go and who to contact?



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    I should be able to help. Could you please send me a private message for details. Accommodation would be with us and I arrange the stalking on large Highland estate 17,000 hectares. This is a truly wild place where you would find excellent hill stalking. Once the stalking area is reached, all stalking is on foot. Depending on where a kill takes place there may be a drag down hill to a track, or the Stalker may arrange for an argocat for collection. If you are considering it for this year the sooner it is booked the better as from early December snow can sometimes be problem.

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    Hi , have you considered Sika stalking? i have a contact who can provide without question the most challenging stalking in the Uk if interested please pm for further details.This is traditional stalking carried out on foot

    many thanks

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    i have hind stalking avaliable on foot if preferred, hope you are fit accomodation can be arranged. woodland and open hill stalking.

    private mail me if you are interested thanks joe243

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