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Thread: your favorite 6.5 swede hand load

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    your favorite 6.5 swede hand load

    just wondering im using 140grain sst with 43 grains of rl22 for deer but ithink i can go bigger

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    does it shoot good groupes
    Is it comfortable to shoot
    Does it penitrate and expand ok
    does it kill your quarry.
    I was taught if it ant broke why fix it.
    Experiment by all means but I used to try all sorts of loads etc but older wiser stalker suggested spend your money on practice not messing with loads which may or may not work once you have a proven load

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    my current load works great on deer but for the sake of my quarry i want to go heavier. as i plan to drop moose,elk and bear and don't think the 140 sst will be the best choice.

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    If you trawl through the threads on the 6.5x55 you will find one or two loads for the 156gr and 160gr bullets in there. You will find them hard to find as the 6.5 is a very contentious round over here and there are many threads on it. It seems to be a love/hate thing.

    I am in the love camp, as I presently own one but am due to part with it soon. I will have another though!

    I am afraid i have only used the factory 156 Oryx and have not handloaded to any effect anything bigger than 140gn. My pet hand loads were for 129gr Hornady SST's and 100gr Sierra Varminters.

    Best of luck. Don't be put off by people shouting at you for using such a small calibre, you will be surrounded by folks telling you to use a more suitable calibre. There are some good folks on here who use the 6.5 on red deer and elk (your moose) and the odd one or two of us who have used them on boar too. We know they work if placed correctly.

    Good luck. Simon
    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    120 grain Barnes TSX with 46 grains of N160, kills everything Ive pointed them at!

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    45 grains H4350 Hornady 129 grain Interlock is lethal on Sika stags

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Had very good groups yesterday with my CG63 using 46 grains H4831 and a 140 grain Lapua bullet

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    Birdwatcher Good point only problem we do not have anything as big as elk over here so can now understand where your coming from.
    can only suggest you may find a swedish hunter who shoots big stuff.
    did not wish to offend

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    For large animals (moose) I use 47grs of Norma MRP powder for 6,5x55SM. This powder gives good accurcy and develop velocitys around 830-40m/s. in 60cm barrell. Bullets are Nosler PP, Woodleigh PP, Rhino Solid shank, Swift A-Frame,140grs. To take big game with 6,5x55 and so light bullet weight, you have to choose premium solid bullets. The other reason, is meat damaging. In Scandinavia hunters care much about meat. There is only a questinon of time how long moose will go after good shoot placement(lungs/heart region)..there is good SD in this cal.

    Hornady SST, seams too crisp for moose, bear etc...
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    thanks to everyone some good advise all much appreciated.


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