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Thread: tiresome

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    Is it just me or have the postings on here become completely tiresome, wet, boring and crap!

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    there is only one way to sort that out. Think up something to stir the grey matter in people.

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    Any postings in particular?

    BDS on shotguns for deer!
    DCS on how its going to cost you another 300 to shoot in Scotland
    A-max for deer
    Shooting at long range..

    which ones do you find boring! or is it that you feel that you cannot contribute!...


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    Sorry to hear you are not finding the site interesting.

    Lets face it where else could you find so much information at your fingertips, or free stalking, or good friends, a free competition, not to mention the fact that we now have our own ground for people to stalk which will come on line next year.

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    Less than 100 Malcom? , more like less than 90 , cos you, me and Jayb have been kicked off but they haven`t altered the member numbers.

    You are right though, this is the number 1 site for information, knowledge, and also stalking opportunities, like i keep saying. "YOU WILL ONLY GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT".


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    Oh I am sure this will stir up emotions. Lets hope that this time some of their membership tell the TRUTH for once ehh Wada's

    Some of them must have worked for Jackanory some years back

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    Its a good job that Tumbleweed site dosen`t rely on subs to survive cos they would be bancrupt by now , and it wouldn`t be a first would it?


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    I am a member of S/D and I am also a member of C/F here for deer, and C/F for other matters. As also other members on this site, I post with my own name on both and feel no need to change my identity!. I hope that my posts are honest, though sometimes naive! sometimes stupid !, but above all credible. Foremost this site provides me with all the information I require on deer matters. Lets just hope we can get out of the mud slinging and continue to move forward.
    Regards Trapper

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    I don`t think the likes of you have anything to fear and nobody is naming any particular person. But let us be honest the Tumbleweed site is the worst site for bitching and we are always getting accused of it.

    Only last week before i was kicked off they were slating this site for nothing, go and have a look, that`s if it hasn`t been wiped already.


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