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Thread: new truck

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    new truck

    Hi all in the market for a new truck must have separte back. thinking of a nissan or a toyota hilux any pros and cons many thanks Neil....

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    Neil, you've been in my Hilux up to stroan that time, wouldn't be without it, not had a single problem with it since I got it 2 yrs ago, more than happy with the MPG as well

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    toyota all the way, to many problems with nissan just go on some of the motor forums and look for navara problems says it all!

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    3.0 litre hilux,brilliant and reliable,got one
    I would be looking at the new volkswagen as well,only 2.0 litre engine but 163 bhp,supposed to be good as well,no experience of it though
    I like my hi-lux like
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    Toyota Hilux double cab. Had mine for 6 years, touch wood I have never had a problem with it.

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    +1 on the hilux too, bought one a few months back for deer, took it from Norfolk to Scotland last month, averaged 36mpg, you won't beat than in a Navara or L200, great vehicle.

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    Land rover defender double cab. Will go anywhere where the toyota/nissan won't !!

    No real electronics to worry about. Service kit 30, replacement disks 15-20. Dent it, no worries. abuse it as much as you want...

    oh and I get 30 + mpg and it took me all the way from Deepest Devon to Isle of Arran x 3 and never missed a beat!

    Insurance...154 7 + years no claims. Tax is commercial so 130ish, can't remember to be honest.

    Fully covered off road to..

    Oh and it goes faster than the one I have seen Ben in!!! (flying fisherman) on the way back from

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    just shame they not as reliable as the jap stuff. but they are not bad of road and all right if your about 5ft tall! oh and slim too lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthursc View Post
    Land rover defender double cab. Will go anywhere where the toyota/nissan won't !!
    I really want to say bollux..... but I'm too polite
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