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    Quad Plastics

    Hi All,
    A few things.
    I am on the lookout for front and rear plastics for a 1989 Honda TRX350, I have been looking about various auction sites to no avail. Does anybody have any contacts or know of any breakers around? The plastics on the bike just now are cracked with a few bits missing, ie small holes and I would perfer to have whole/complete plastic if possible, the cracks I can plastic weld but filling in the holes without the original bits is difficult.
    Next, any recommendations on tyres for above quad (all offroad work)? as there seem to be a few different makes on the go.

    Many thanks


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    Try this company, they will supply the plastics and do several tyres

    Quad Bikes Wales Online eBay Shop About My Shop

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    Mate just got a complete set of new ones for his quad, only cost him 60 plus postage. Will ask him where he got them from and let you know

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    Many thanks Gazza I will look at the link and Ranger22 any info on where your mate got his plastics from would be spot on.



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    Hi tattie, mate got his plastics from atv chesire Ltd. His was a Yam, didn't know if he dealt with Hondas or not. but at those prices its worth a call

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    Goodyear mudrunners are good for non sensitive sites, Bear Claw are also excellent and are not as aggressive as the Mudrunners, I have 27" Bear claw on mine, I replaced the Mudrunners as they were destructive on the SSSI sites...


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    Hi tattie,

    Try the below links. Got bits when I binned my bike a while ago. There was another place which was advertised in the back of superbike mag which sells both original and pattern parts but can't remember the name but a browse in the newsagent may come up trumps !

    Honda Motorcycle Parts, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Motorcycle Parts - ATV, Classic Bike, Dirt Bike Parts

    Honda Original Parts from Lings

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