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Thread: Half round ferrules for shooting sticks

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    Half round ferrules for shooting sticks


    Would any one happen to know a source for half round ferrules, the sort of type that would be found on a military pace stick for instance.

    I've made my own two legged shooting stick and its complete apall bar the feet. Push comes to shove I'll make my own out of copper pipe but I'd rather find the read deal to complete the finish. The stick has turned out much much better than expected and is a fantasitc shooting aid. The stick is a 1 3/4" Ash curtain pole split length ways and is now about 1 3/8".

    Thanks in advance.


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    That's a toughie! I'd normally suggest giving the Stickman a try for any stick-making supplies ( but the closest he looks to have are alpine ferrules.

    I believe that the ferrules on the bottom of a pace stick are not half-round, but in fact solid brass with steel tips - see here for example: Getting hold of a set of those could be a challenge!

    You might find it easier to file something down from suitable steel or brass rod, or perhaps even brass tube?

    How did you cut the curtain pole lengthways? Also, have you inlaid magnets to keep the two halves together?

    Would love to see a photo of the finished article.

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    How about using a shaped bit of antler at the bottom coated in tough varnish. Not as good as brass and would need replacing periodically but would protect the main wood.
    I'd be interested in seeing the design/photos as well, sounds like a solid idea.

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    I'm away with work just now but as soon as I'm home I'll post some pictures and explain what I did.

    Willie, I think I will probably go down the route of making my own ones out of solid brass unless like mel sugested I can find a bit of antler that would suit.

    I split the stick with a table circular saw, I had planned using a magnet from a small speaker (hole in the middle for securing with screw) but I found the neoprene sleeve that was for my a-tec CMM-4 fits snuggly and doubles up as resistance for when opening the sticks, just slide it up and down as required. Plus it's a nice grip... I'm planning another stick just the same so I could take photo's of it as I do it and post a thread on it. Total cost so far is 0.00



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