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Thread: Hello from the US

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    Hello from the US

    I am an avid deer hunter here in Tennessee US. Wasnt sure if there was deer hunting in the UK and found this site. Thought I would check it out to see how you guys hunt.

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    Welcome to the site, I think you might be surprised how uch deer hunting we have

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    Wow! I'm very surprised. Looks like you guys have deer everywhere lol!

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    hello and welcome to this site, you can learn a lot from us british lads about shooting ha ha


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    Welcome to the site UTGrad, looking forward to hear about your hunts.

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    Hi UTG you are welcome enjoy

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    Was talking to a guy from Michigan while on holiday in Montanna and got onto the subject of stalking (hunting). He told me he had a ticket to shot 2 bucks and asked me how many deer I could take in a year - he nearly fell in the camp fire when I told him we had to cull 73.

    All the best,

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    Welcome to the site, good bunch of lads and lasses on here.

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