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Thread: Hello from the US

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    Hello from the US

    I'm an avid whitetail deer hunter in the state of Tennessee here in the US. I came across this site after Googling deer hunting UK. I wasn't sure what kind of big game hunting was available in the UK. This is an interesting site and the first thing I notice is Hunting is called stalking in the UK. one thing I did not see was a bowhunting section. Bowhunting is extremely popular here and didn't know if it is allowed there.

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    Hello there UTGrad, I'm quite sure you'll find a few topics on here both interesting and informative.

    As far as bow hunting in the UK goes it's a NO! NO!

    Atb, Buck.
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    Any reason why bowhunting is not allowed? Is there a group of hunters trying to overcome that law?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UTGrad View Post
    Any reason why bowhunting is not allowed? Is there a group of hunters trying to overcome that law?
    Hunting with any kind of bow has been illegal here since 1982. Discussing bow hunting on here can open up hornets nests and cans of worms. Frankly, the notion of it being used as a means of hunting deer is about as popular as a fart in a space suit.Welcome to the forum, by the way. I hope you find it interesting to compare and contrast how different/similar we all are when it comes to being passionate about the pursuit of deer.
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    Wow!! Glad we got that out in the open. Guess I will stay away from discussing bowhunting but like I said I hunt with rifle as well. In the US deer season is usually in 3 stages. For instance in my home state you can only hunt deer with a bow from September 24th to November 5th. On November 5th you can hunt with either a muzzleloader or a bow. On November 19th you can hunt with a rifle, muzzleloader or bow until January 1st when it closes. Now in my opinion a bow is an excellent implement for hunting, especially in the wooded areas where shots at 20 yards are common. Being a new member I won't stir the pot.

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    You'll find that the laws here in the UK are very strange and often have little to do with common sense, or any sense for that matter, there usually is another motive somewhere hidden. However we do have Deer Hunting all year round with few exceptions like Christmas day.............. no Hunting Christmas day. However this is changing, not the Christmas day bit but a couple of species of deer have no close season being introduced species and non native and with breeding cycles that go all year long. Close seasons are being introduced for some of those:-

    believe this is the current close season list.

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Thanks and each state is responsible for determining the hunting laws and regulations, not the federal government here. The only exception is migratory birds like ducks, the federal government does require an additin license to hunt ducks. Every deer species here has a season. Hunting is closed when deer are raising fawns but opens during the breeding period when fawns are old enough to sustain themselves if their mother is killed.

    Deer populations are growing very fast. Tennessee has an estimated deer herd of 600,000. In order to control the population explosion we have a very liberal doe harvest policy. In my region of the state you can take 3 doe a day during the entire season. You are allowed 3 bucks a season. I typically take 4 deer a year for myself and donate 1 deer to the local Hunters for the Hungry, program we have that feeds the homeless venison.

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    Hello UTGrad - welcome to the relatively conservative world of deer stalking in the UK and Eire. I think that there is a possibility that because you come from the same continent, asking some advice from Muir might be pertinent - if he is so inclined. He will be able to initiate you into the intricacies, from the American point of view, of the shooting and hunting culture over here.

    In mentioning this I hope that I'm not treading on anyone's pet corns.

    Opinions often differ according to unknown circumstances.

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    I apologize for asking again but why is bowhunting illegal? Was there a certain event that caused the law to pass? Did the stalkers vote against it? Would like to know some history. Culturally we are very similar to the UK and shocked that stalkers would not want to pursue game with a bow? Now given that you can hunt year round for deer with a rifle I guess there is not much incentive to hunt with a bow. Maybe it is because many Americans have Native American ancestory (including myself 1/16th Cherokee) that propels us to go back to the basics. Just wanting a little more background. It is popular in other Commonwealth countries. Thanks!

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    The legislation that prevents the hunting of deer is the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 if my memory is correct. I don't know what the background to the legislation is but I'm sure if you look on the internet you will find out.
    I don't think native American ancestry has any thing to do with it myself. My ancestors used to hunt Englishmen and Frenchmen with a long bow.

    As regards other commonwealth countries, many of them still run around with a bow, and they still boil missionaries.
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