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    New Boy

    Hi All
    By way of intro. I am a Welshman/NZ er I arrived here in the early seventies to become a pro. hunter and enjoyed it so much i ain't leavind now!
    Now living in the South Island for the last ten years me and my partner run and also I am interested in anything to do with deer and the mountains hence this site to educate myself in how it is all done in Europe.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome on board from another exiled Welshman boyo!


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    Thanks guys;
    You have to be doing a fair bit of deer stuff way up there John - lovely piece of neighbourhood. I was in Inverness last year briefly- next best place to NZ I reckon.
    Didn't we do well Scrummy? could have done better mind you - never mind. christ Switzerland sounds posth - what's a boyo doing over there? If you are in exile obviously you don't have to reply !!!!!!

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    Ah, a lapse in concentration and a very strict application of the law. Such is the game is suppose!

    Am in Switzerland for work matey. very good shooting culture over here but hunting not so easy to come by. I'd love to get down to NZ and do some fishing and hunting one day. Just have to work out how to sell it to the girlfriend!

    Enjoy the site mate, good bunch on here on the whole!


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