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Thread: Large pig with the solwaystalker...

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    Large pig with the solwaystalker...

    Another fantastic weekend up at New Abbey, though not as productive for me as the previous two visits, though Ians (Crimsonbullseye) huge Wild Boar made up for my blank. In addition I had several great close encounters with roe does, which were unfortunately just out of season, in addition to a fantastic stalk of a roe buck which could have easily gone the other way.
    Having spotted the deer from the road, Colin and I managed to crawl under the fence and along a flooded gully, then across uneven open ground to a point where a shot could be taken. The buck seemed to sense our presence, tough there was no wind it continued to walk slowly away form us, not giving me the opportunity for a shot. It gave a final look back when silhouetted on the sky line, showing off a lovely head, sadly the one that got away.
    The wild boar session started shortly after we arrived, the fish and chips collected on the way up where still being digested. We were up in the seat for six overlooking an area of clear woodland. I was merely observing, as shooting pigs has never appealed, however even I was excited at the prospect of seeing the group twenty plus pigs which Colin told us were in the area we were over looking. As the light faded noises which would normally be dismissed seemed to be amplified as every noise could have been one of theses illusive creatures. The light had long gone when Colin signal to Ian the presence of a pig which he had spotted though the nigh vision. Ian took possession of the rifle, whilst I placed my fingers in my ears. After what seemed an eternally the crack of the unmoderated 308 rang through the air. Then silence….
    I have to admit that I thought Ian had missed as I expected some thrashing or noise from the pig. The only thing Colin and I heard was a whimpering coming form Ian, looking across I could not resist laughing. The scope and night vision had kissed Ian leaving two cuts on his forehead and a trickle of blood.
    Climbing down ladders and up towards the feeding sight there was a deal of in trepidation, however there was a large 95 kg pig stone dead, Ian had sent the round straight between its eyes. The huge animal took three of us to get the animal back into Collins Isuzu, back to the game larder then ultimately to the game dealer and taxidermist.
    A very enjoyable weekend, I will try to upload a picture of the boar mounted when it come back form the taxidermist.

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    well done sounds like great fun!

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