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Thread: Trip to Wayne and Andy for Fallow Buck

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    Trip to Wayne and Andy for Fallow Buck

    Couple of weeks ago in october me and a Dutch friend called Peter went to see Wayne and Andy. We also went to admire their fallow bucks. On our trip towards Calais we had some difficulty with trafficaccidents but we came away unscaped. From Dover it took us a bit longer as aspected but we arrived savely and had a nice welcome at Wayne's house. Next morning we set off to Wayne little fallow buck paradise. I went with Wayne and Peter went along with Andy. Wayne's magic did not work that morning, we saw no deer unfortunately. Peter and Andy saw loads, also a big fallow buck, but the shot was unsafe and they decided to try again in the evening. Almost needless to say they saw plenty of fallow, but the big buck never came out again.
    On my first evening we sat in a high seat overlooking a meadow at the edge of a wood. About an hour before dark a buck came out of cover. I wanted to have a look through the bino's but Wayne said i should shoot it straight away. I aimed and asked Wayne to give a whistle. The buck froze and the shot went out. The buck rushes into cover. We waited a while and went looking for it. Luckily we found it quickly. It was well hit through the lungs just behind the shoulder. It is always amazing what these animals can take. I will not run another meter when my lungs are pierced i reckon. We made some pictures and Peter and Andy joined us while graloching. They had seen about 25 fallow, but no buck between them.

    Next morning we stalked around the area and bumped into some fallow in the wood. There was a pricket with them but i could not fire a responsible shot.
    Andy and Peter where more then happy we stalked the woods because out of our direction they saw quite a few fallow pass their high seat. One of them a small buck which Peter shot.
    In the evening we went to some other permissions of Andy and Peter. I sat with Wayne on a steep hill overlooking a wonderfull valley and woodland. This was the first time i heard the actual grunt / call of the fallow buck in rut. Great to hear it in real time. Also we saw hunderds and hunderds of pheasants. What a noise they make !! At dusk we saw 2 fallow coming out the exact spot Wayne predicted. Unfortunately to late to get closer, but they where probably females.

    Peter had a good change on a nice fallow buck but in the end it vanished into thin air.
    Sundaymorning we watched the rugbyfinal, i cheered for France what made Chris frown upon. But Peter and I bought some flowers to make up for it, and as a big thank you for the lovely dinners and breakfast. Thanks again !
    That evening i sat at another highseat, but overlooking the same area where i shot my first buck. Quite quickly after we sat a buck appeared. I aimed, asked Wayne for a whistle and pulled the trigger.....nothing happened. i must have looked really silly. Turned out i only made one "click" forward on the safety (bloody R93's), i clicked one more and the shot went out. All this time the buck waited quite happily for the shot (thank you). Wayne watched and saw a lot of dust go up. You missed he said. I looked puzzled, the buck made a horse-shoeturn and came towards us. I aimed again, but there was no need for another shot. The bucks legs went wobbly and it fell down. Turned out the shot was a good hit after all. We waited untill dusk, because there could have been another buck coming out. Just before dusk a small female fallow came out. Bit strange that it was all alone. When we picked up the buck later by car the little fallow was joined by a group of 6. They must have been waiting for us to leave at dark before they went feeding.

    Again Andy and Peter stalked and saw a couple of females but no luck on a buck.

    In the morning we sat again at the steep hill but we didn't see any deer.

    After some breakfast we said goodbye to Wayne, Chris and Andy and drove towards Dover. This time we did not have any problems with traffic.
    Thanks to Wayne and Andy for again a nice trip and for their company. Next winter we will return the favour, either in the Netherlands or Germany.Attachment 10184Attachment 10185Attachment 10186Attachment 10187
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    Nice write up mate. Wayne said you had had a couple.

    Hopefully see you next time you are over.

    I think Max has 'winded' another deer by the looks of that picture. What a line up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Well done Ruud, great write up.

    A fallow head to go on the wall with all your roe, red and boar.

    See you in 3 weeks.



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    Hi Ruud
    It was a pleasure to hunt with you as always, shame we didn't get Peter a bigger buck, he got closer to two big rutting bucks than I have for a long time just didn't have the luck but thats hunting

    I hope we can get over to hunt with you next year, its a hard life fitting all this hunting in



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    Sounds like you had a great time, well done.

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    I know you could not have been out with better people than Wayne and Andy, looks like you had a successful time too!

    There are two things you must not do though;

    1/ criticise Blaser R93's!

    2/ Mention Wayne's overly large coat!

    Well done negotiating the traffic!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Well done, hopefully some of those does will show themselves a week tomorrow when with a bit of luck Wayne will help me grass my first Deer

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    Best of luck on that jonty h!

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    Well done guys a good time by the sounds of it

    Wayne whats with the sun glasses in october or is it just to look cool for the pictures
    Speak soon mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK O SHEA View Post
    Well done guys a good time by the sounds of it

    Wayne whats with the sun glasses in october or is it just to look cool for the pictures
    Speak soon mate
    Hi Jon
    They go dark/light all on there own mate I dont think I was ever cool and I certainly aint ever going to be know unless you include sitting up in -15 for a boar


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