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Thread: Variation...What would you choose

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    Variation...What would you choose


    Just putting a variation in for a .22lr and .204 ruger. Already have .17hmr, .22250 and 6.5 x 55 but do fancy these 2 calibres in my cabinet. I am also thinking about adding a larger round on for deer possibly boar and range work. Thinking about .308 or .3006. What would you add, likely I wont be getting the rifle until next year but thought while im applying I may aswell add it on.

    cheers STEVE
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    Im airing towards the 30.06 I think...

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    For target shooting .308 would be the obvious choice. For boar shooting while .308 isn't a bad choice and would be quite capable, that or .30-06 would cause you problems in countries where military calibres are banned. So you have to think about where you would actually shoot boar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    For target shooting .308 would be the obvious choice. For boar shooting while .308 isn't a bad choice and would be quite capable, that or .30-06 would cause you problems in countries where military calibres are banned. So you have to think about where you would actually shoot boar.
    Thanks for the reply, had forgotten about the issues abroad with military rounds. The .308 certainly reads as if it is more accurate but there are a few debates out there on the net....Any thoughts on this forum??

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    I think there are too many variables here that only you can put in order of importance - if range work is top of your list then the 308 probably comes out on top however if boar are likely and a priority then the 30 06 comes out on top.

    As you clearly have quite a few rifles and an interest in such things then perhaps you might consider a adding a 308 now with a view to adding something bigger for boar later on? Maybe one of the 9.3s or a 375H&H if the police will allow it in your area? The 308 would be ideal for range work and would probably be sufficient for the occasonal boar in the mean time and if boar became important then you could get yourself a real boar rifle.

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    I have a .22 LR for bunnies and small stuff, 6.5 x 55 for most deer and a 7mm Rem Mag for (in the future) big deer and boar.

    It sounds like you're looking for a "bigger" calibre than you have already. A 7mm Rem Mag is worth a thought. Pro's and cons I've found so far are as follows;


    It's not a military calibre so is ok to use in places where such restrictions apply.
    It is fast and flat shooting.
    I previously had a custom F Class type rifle in 7mm RM which was very accurate (I couldn't do it justice) so should be ok for some target work (albeit many very serious target shooters currently prefer other 7mm chamberings (SAUM etc.)
    It will fire a range of bullets big enough to effeciently kill anything you might want to in the UK.
    The recoil from it in sporter format is at the limit of what is acceptable for me.


    Not many about in shops and on Guntrader etc. You may have to wait if you order one.
    Limited choice of factory ammunition in some gunshops.
    Very loud.
    Needs a longish barrel to get the best out of it. This is not a problem if used with either a muzzle brake or nothing. However, if you have a sporter format rifle and want to moderate it a heavy mod will make it very barrel heavy. I tried a Northstar on mine and am looking for an alternative (either lightweight mod or brake) because it unbalances the rifle too much.
    Other "big rifles" (30, 06 for example) can throw heavier bullets, which might make them preferable if you want to shoot things bigger than we get in the UK (for example in Africa)

    Hope this helps.



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    Thanks for the responses chaps. Ive decided on the .308 for now. Agree its more likely Ill be using for target shooting initially and if I get chance to hunt boar in the UK im good if I decide to get soemthing bigger I can do a straight 1 for 1 variation at that time. Also having looked at the guntrader...there are a lot more to choose from.. ATB Steve

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    .300 WinMag? Though sadly it has the dreaded Magnum word attached but it is popular for boar just over the border from me in Switzerland. I'm know expert but I would imagine you could get it shooting fast and flat with the correct loads...

    8x57, do you know where the .30-06 sits with the French these days or are thet still umming and ahhing?



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    scrumbag I can only go on from what I have read on this site in the last month or so regarding .30-06 in France and that is so far there has been no change. When I was in France back last February it was a definite NON. The referred choice for those using a bolt action appeared to be a .300 win mag but that was only one association, the next members on the adjoining association may favor the 7mm rem mag for instance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    (Ahem... ScRumbag thank you!)

    Thanks for the update, there has been some discussion of the French changing the law to allow things like .30-06, 7x57 etc just wondered if you'd heard an update.

    Cheers anyway!


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