I bought a Pelicase model 1770 in July which has been used three times to go to the UK. It is virtually indestructible and I am only selling it because it weighs 16Kg, empty. The foam inserts have been cut to accommodate 2 rifles (Blasers), 1 scoped: a seperate cut was made for the second scope. I will try and photograph it this evening. It has a few superficial scratches as one would expect. I paid GBP 380 for it and would be delighted to sell it for GBP 250. As I live in Switzeralnd, I will bring it to the Uk on one of my frequent trips and post it from there.

Below is a link to the retailer that I bought it from with all its dimensions and details.


All the best


Please note that I will be on vacation from the 10th November to 5th December