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Thread: Sika are like chocolate

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    Sika are like chocolate

    Some are milk and some are dark. Take a look at these two Sika stags, Wadas shot the "milk" during the last few days of the stag season up here in the highlands and I shot the "dark" one during the last few days of last years season. They were taken from the same piece of ground, in fact they were shot withing 100 yards of each other.

    The Milk chocolate

    The Dark chocolate

    Pretty ain't they.


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    So you going to start jumping from planes to deliver them now John

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    No, I get smithy to drag them in at high speed with wadas shouting encouragement at him, "come on Phil, pull............" you know how it goes


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    It does hold some decent Sika that place John, but when are you going to shoot some of the good ones?


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