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Thread: Blackpowder or Muzzleloaders

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    Blackpowder or Muzzleloaders

    Wanted to see if anyone hunted with a muzzleloader or blackpowder here. I have a CVA Accura .50 that shoots a 300 grain bullet 1900 fps with 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder. This thing is actually more accurate than my rifles and can kill anything that walks in North America.

    100 yard Group 5 shots

    Successful Harvest

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    In Scotland a bullet must have a muzzle velocity of 2450fps or above to be deer legal. 50gn bullet for roe deer or bigger and achieving 1000ftlbs of energy and 100gn bullet or above and achieving 1750ftlbs of energy for large deer (about the size of a white tail or bigger). So you muzzle loader would be illegal.

    In England the law is slightly different and in theory you could us a muzzle loader I guess, but I don’t know anybody that does.

    Nice rifle,it look most un-muzzle loader like.



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    Yes...most muzzloeloaders are very high tech now. This thing is effective out to 250 yards, except I wouldnt take a shot out past 200.

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    Connecticut Valley Arms is the big muzzleloader comapny here in the states. You wouldn't believe how nice these black powder guns are.

    America's #1 Muzzleloader Connecticut Valley Arms - Manufacturers of the Accura, Electra, Kodiak Pro, Optima Elite, Optima Elite Combos, Elkhorn Pro, Buckhorn, Wolf

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    In-line muzzleloaders (yawn! ) ....... I'll stick with traditional guns.~Muir

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    I recall there was the discussion on one forum of the suitability of M/L rifles for Elk. If I remember correctly it was after soem article was published about a custom Elk M/L rifle some one built. What with all the interest in it I ask why one never hears of folks using a .451 Enflield as it's long 480 grain bullet surely would be ideal. The answer I got was that it was not legal as the bullet was too long .

    Of course the .451 is a traditional rifle some of the originals were used in the Civil war, some it appears even scoped, so it's not unknown. They are capable of shooting with accuracy to 1,000 yards and were sued for such at Wimbledon and later after the move to Bisley. It was a .451 the the Queen fired from a frame to open the ranges at Bisley.

    I can see huge changes in the primative M/L seasons and rules in the US just because the idea has been lost with just such modern In-lines.

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    Oh yes an American fellow did come over a few years ago and Hunt Sussex/Hampshire with a guide using a Muzzle loading rifle. Sussex Police tried to say it was not legal so the guide provided the ballistic and load data to which the Police said he and the makers were lieing about. So he contacted the manufactures who got onto to Sussex Police and were basically threatening to sue for libel. Sussex issued the visitors permit an the chap took some nice deer with it on his visit. I happened to visit the guides house to collect the Muntjac Buck mount and he had one of the Americans mounts there and showed me. a Much better Buck than mine and he had a nice fallow as well.

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    Hi UTgrad good to see you on the site. I am not suggesting for a moment that I know why the laws are structured as they are but in large measure I do agree with them.
    It seems obvious that when you are going to take the life of an animal for whatever reason it needs to be done in as humane a way as possible. This means using the best, most efficient means available. To do anything other than this indicates that you are doing it to test yourself, rather than to do a job. I am sure that there are those that would argue that a muzzle loader or a bow or a handgun will do the job as well or maybe even better but in the cold light of day if you are going to legislate to control the use of firearms usage, then what other choice do you have but to ensure that weapons that have a sufficient margin for error are used.

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    In theory there's nothing wrong with a muzzle loader power-wise, but you're a bit buggered if you need to take a quick follow up shot.

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    Hmmm so if we follow this logically then only semi automatic rifles should be used to ensure the quick follow up shot? and all single shots or slow to operate bolts will be banned. I assume that there will be a compulsory test with certificate of course needed to make sure one can actually operate any such firearms in a specified time frame?

    Now we KNOW what the answer from the powers that be will be on the semi auto one don't we!!!!

    As for this:-

    This means using the best, most efficient means available
    and just who's idea of best do we choose?

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