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Thread: travel to Ireland

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    travel to Ireland

    I have never traveled abroad with a rifle before. A work friend in southern Ireland has offered some Sika stalking and I'm wondering if its complicated to arrange the paper work for flights etc. Could someone point me in the direction.
    Will i need a hard case?
    Can I take homeloads?
    thanks in advance charlie

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    I have been to Ireland several times but only once by air. Apart from having a European Firearms Pass you will need your friend in Ireland to get you a Deerstalking Permit and Certificate for a Registered Firearm. The application forms need to be submitted well in advance of your trip in order to get the licences issued.
    You then have to be sure that your intended airline carrier will actually allow firearms to be carried, I seem to recall that we flew Air Cunnilingus but I am not sure.
    I go by ferry from Holyhead these days especially since the stalker I shoot with in Co Wicklow told me some horror stories about mishandling of his foreign guests rifles at Dublin airport. If you go by ferry you can only go on the steel hulled ships (not the Fast Cat) and be sure to clear the fact that you are wishing to transport firearms AND ammunition with the carrier at the time of booking. And don't forget to put your ammo in 'manufacturers original packing', yes the ammo must be in manufacturers original cardboard boxes (even if you reload) other wise they will not let you board (as happened to one of my mates last year).

    Nobody seems to bother at the Irish side, all the hassle is at the UK end.

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    Just to add to the above - if you travel with Irish Ferries, you now cannot travel with rifles and ammunition in the same vehicle. If this means you have to buy factory ammunition over there, be prepared for a shock as it is way more expensive than over here. You might also struggle to get many calibres unless you order ahead or travel via the better firearms dealers.

    I would also stress leaving lots and lots of time for the processing of paperwork for your Irish Overseas Visitors Firearms Permit, as rural Eire runs on Jamaican time I think - i.e. don't do anything today that can be put off until tomorrow Our generous and long suffering host in Wicklow had to go and retrieve the local Guard from the bookies to sign the required paperwork.

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