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Thread: what scope

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    what scope

    what schmidt and bender fixed power(dont like fiddly dials esspecialy in the cold) scope would you guys recomend for hill stalking.

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    Look at a vari power scope. 3-12X56

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    i prefer fixed power for stalking as i dont like the dials

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    I would think the biggest issue is the turrets for windage and drop compensation, those are the ones that stick out from the scope. The magnification, if adjustable, is normally a ring just in front of the back end, so no issues there I would think.

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    I voted 10x42, as the extra mag is very useful for long shots on the hills. The 8x56 is too big for hill work, but outstanding in low light. If you're just hill stalking, you may not need the extra bulk of an 8x56.

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    I voted for 8 x 56 because the choice wasn't that good but i would have went for a variable with a 50 objective. But it is an individual choice.

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    I'm a big fan of the 8x56 but got a swavroski 8x50 this year its the dogs bits

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    bambislayer could you tell me what you paid for the 8x50?

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    I wouldn't go for a fixed power for anything other than dedicated short range (ie woodland) work.
    Longer distances = variable power!
    If "fiddling" about with variable power was such a hassle and got in the way then why do our boys (and the yanks etc) in the Kush and the desert invariably go for variables, often high zoom, and their lives not just the game's depend on it?
    I never had a problem with variable power in 10 years shooting for Her Majesty or in 30+yrs shooting for myself.
    Rejecting variable power on a scope is a form of inverse snobbery, something which is all too common in this sport in my opinion.
    That's my tuppence worth anyway, striker hit on can of worms and standing well back.

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    sorry for any argumen ive caused i am not just saying i dont like variables for stalking, as i have used both and i just prefer a simple fixed power over a variable

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