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Thread: swarovski z6 2.5-15x44 plex

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    swarovski z6 2.5-15x44 plex

    ive decided that id like an illuminated reticule now but i need to sell this in order to fund my next purchase. its a cat1 and is as new. im after 1100 and can take photos and send them via phone, i shall try to get some uploaded onto here but i seem a bit cack handed at the minute. thanks for looking.

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    What does the designation Category 1 mean. Is that the same as the Ex Demo ones sold by Mcleods of Tain for instance ? or something else.


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    yeah i believe its like ex-demo, never been mounted or fired etc though. exactly the same as new scope just been handled, unless anyone knows better? im just going on what i was told when i got it

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    Whats the reticle please ?

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    its a p-lex reticule

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