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Thread: Cabela's mens stalking boots

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    Cabela's mens stalking boots

    Cabela's mens stalking boots
    Hi, Well my brand new stalking boots have arrived on friday from the the states "and they dont b*****y fit !!! they have sent a USA 14 which is a UK13 So if there are any real men with proper size feet who take a comfy UK13 then i have a bargin , It would cost me a fortune to send back n

    The boots are "Gortex lined" Thinsulate lined from Cabela's with receipt for $110 !! check them out on the web site . i'll let them go for 40 including postage ,I tried them on walked outside and took them off so low milage
    K C Rimmington

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    hi, where are you?
    very interested, I have the man sized feet to match the boots, can you confirm the model so I can look them up

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    On Cabelas web site they are the Rocky 8 800gram insulated boot at $129 but then take p+p and import and vat tax, look for yourself
    K C Rimmington

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