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Thread: Mannlicher Luxus sling swivels

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    Mannlicher Luxus sling swivels

    Looking for sling swivels for a Mannlicher Luxus on the off chance someone has them before ringing around the gunshops. They are narrower than the Uncle Mikes type QD swivels.

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    And thinner !
    I ended up drilling the stud holes then shopped around for some swivels.
    It seems easier to find the narrow sling swivels but not with the thin pin.
    I got my swivels from Germany in the end.
    I had the same problem with the Blaser but found I could not drill the stud, metal too hard, so sent to Germany for the swivels in the end.
    I believe the Blaser swivels will probably fit the Mannlicher, I don't have mine any more so cannot say one way or the other, Mulliner guns of Wimborn has Blaser swivels so it might be a good idea to try him.

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    Thanks EMcC. I've just come across Recknagel on the Alan Rhone website and they seem to do all sorts of European type swivels.
    Acquired an old type metal magazine Luxus in .270 in mint condition (actually looks almost unfired) and loving it.
    I'll try Mulliner Guns if Alan Rhone can't source the swivels.
    ATB for now.

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    I'm sure Alan will be able to sort you out with something.

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    Hi Craig, may have what you want. A pair of swivels from an old model M. I will dig out your address and put them in the post.

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