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Thread: Cheap Larder Scales

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    Cheap Larder Scales

    I ordered a set of these scales the other day, they came today and look good for the money. Just thought I say so for anyone out there who wanted a set.


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    they are cheap,have you tested them

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    hi my mate has a set of these, don,t mean to offend but they are not the best quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by the scudd View Post
    hi my mate has a set of these, don,t mean to offend but they are not the best quality
    None taken at all, I didn't make them or anything. I will agree that they are not top quality but they do the job.

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    i have a set of these they do read out from factory but easy enough to calibrate just take the front plastic off hang a set weight and alter the dail to suite after that all will be fine i have had mine around 4 years now and still work ,granted not the best qaulity but after a tweak thats all you need ,atb wayne

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    fanx mate,always best to find out b4 wasting my money,atb swarovski

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    Hi. I have a set of Silveline scales going up to 250kg. Unfortunately, I have no faith in their accuracy whatsoever, as being 2-3kg out on a 30-40kg beast is normal. Very rarely get the same reading twice.

    I've found a set of cheap digital luggage scales to be better, though they only go up to 35kg.

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