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Thread: Padded Rifle Slip

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    Padded Rifle Slip

    Hi, can anyone recomend a good quality padded slip that would take a rifle, with bipod and mod fitted, without being too big and bulky (like the tactical type!)???
    Thanks Kev.
    Ps rifle in question is Blaser R93 with ASE Utra mod and 50mm scope.

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    The Buffalo River ones are pretty good value for money. But despite being tactical, the AIM 50 Drag bag is without doubt the best you can buy, the quality is head and shoulders above the rest.

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    Hi have you looked at the harkila skane rifle case The Harkila Skane is a luxury rifle case with leather trim and a very strong 2 way zip.. . Large enough for the biggest rifle with scope

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    I fancy one of these a hint to the Mrs if she has a look in.

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    Still lookin , anymore recomenations??? Thanks!

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    If you want something that is going to last buy a Brady, they are pricey but you only need to but it once, and dont buy a Napier they fall to bits, yes they will give you another and that one will fall to bits too.

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    I use a "Big Jock" which was handmade to better fit and finish to a Brady... here they are but i can't remember who made mine.

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    Country covers will accomadate most rifles. Excellent covers at a sensible price.


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    Seconded for the Country Covers case. Excellent rifle case, well made, lots of padding. Highly recommended.

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    Hi There'

    I have used all kinds of slings from basket weave leather to neoprene and even some fancy stuff from the states, however I now use the padded super sling on each of my four rifles and the other slings just hang on a peg in my gun cupboard. I would not hesitate to recomend them although one has developed an annoying sqeak (I think it might actually be the swivel itself) I dont know if they are still available but I bought a supply from the states when last there. the attached is hopefully a link to show the type I mean.

    Cheers Remmy7.

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