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Thread: Lucky fox

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    Lucky fox

    When I was out stalking this morning I spotted this fox about a 150yds away at the side of a wood. Lucklily for the fox I was not on my own ground and I hadn't been given the nod to shoot foxes on my mates ground so for a rare change I put my rifle down and decided to call it in to see how close I could get it and take a picture. I reckon it was less than 8ft away :

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    Quality, bet he won't do that again

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    Wot a lucky blighter, a once in a lifetime chance for Charlie!!! Am sure he won't be so lucky next time!

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    Well at least you shot him with your Camera dave, he's one lucky fox defo !!

    Atb, Buck.
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    Well mate im sure that was a shock to your system ,bet thats the closest a fox is every to you again unless your carrying in with an extra hole in it

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    That's awesome! What type call brings in fox?

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    They say practice makes perfect. --- next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by UTGrad View Post
    That's awesome! What type call brings in fox?
    There's lots of gizmos that do it mate, i just make a squeaking noise through my teeth usually. Doesn't work in a wind as it doesn't carry well, but as i said there are loads of gizmos that'll work better.
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    Great pic and that is a beautiful field. I'm going to try coyote hunting in January. We use calls that sounds like little animals in distress. I have a hard time with deer calls in the wind.

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    nice to see one keep his life without being shot just for being there

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