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Thread: Parker hale box mag conversations

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    Parker hale box mag conversations

    Is there any one out there that has converted a PH from floor plate to detachable box mag? If you did can you tell me where you got the kit from please? As it came up in a conversation with my brother in law today that he had seen one. I didn't think they did them and that has stopped me getting one for a long time.

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    Hmmmm not quite sure what you mean but P-H did make a couple of models that used a detachable magazine. The 1200C "Super Clip" and the 1300S Scout both used detchable magazines. This is a 1200C:-

    The Trigger guard is different and the front of the bottom metal work is a separate piece, the one the fore stock screw goes through and it's steel not alloy, the drop magazine has a case which fits inside the stock and this is retained by a third screw which to get at you have to remove the rol pin and take the magazine catch out.. It's not as straight forwards as it fist looks. Sorry I do not have any better photos of it.

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    yeah thats the kind of thing i'm looking for so it's a 1200c or a 1300s then?

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    Yes the 1200C was offered is several chamberings, mine is a 25-06. I count 8 chamberings in the 76/77 catalogues for the 1200C:-

    .243, 6mm, 25-06, 270, 30-06, 308, 7mm Rem mag, 300 Win mag.

    The 1300S "Scout" which has the laminated wood stock and the threaded muzzle and Muzzle brake fitted came with either a 5 rnd or 10 rnd magazine which is quite boxey in look was only offered in .243 and .308..

    There is a Scout in .308 on guntrader in Ayreshire. There was a place in the Midlands advertising a brand new .270 1200C but my Gunmart is a old one now. Ahhh it was laying on top on my printer under the road atlas. It's Nov 2010 as I said old but the shop was:-

    Guns & Ammo of Sheffield 01142-401634. they were asking 499 for the new Super clip deluxe .................... hmm never seen a deluxe one .

    The trouble you will find is that most dealers have not got a clue when it comes to Parker-Hale models. Just look on Guntrader and you will see a Model 1000 listed as a 1200, almost any model listed as a Safari extra special bits added like deluxe and of course very rare . Good luck with your search and please let us know how it turns out.

    Edit:- damn almost missed this one in .308 it's a cheap 1200C of course the dealer has not listed as so.... see what I mean.. 150. needs a new recoil pad you would have to check barrel for wear but at 150 a re-barrel is not out of the reach probably.

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    Parker Hale drop mag conversion

    Hi ,I ran the set up pictured on a heavy barrel PH .243 (a 1200 of some description ) ,from memory the bottom metal is M98 and the mags are Gibb's Rifle Co , not made specifically for PH's but generic for large ring M98 actions , mag capacity is 3 in the box , fed pretty well , part exed the PH and put the standard drop floorplate back in before i took it in , just managed to remember where i had squirrelled it away ......
    Regards ,
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    Thank you I had heard of the Gibbs mags but never seen any and thought they were copies of the P-H mags as there was a tie up between the companies in the late 80's and early 90's. I can see now they are completely different.

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    From memory again (and thats getting hazier ......) the Gibb's mags were designed to be a drop in replacement for standard waffen issue bottom metal ie take the standard floorplate off and drop the mag in and you're ready to shoot .They are well made , the bottom plate is cast alloy and the box is pressed steel , the lugs on the bottom plate are the mag release - in one piece with the rear 'tang' / lug - sprung loaded you pull them back and the mag drops in your hand .I beleive they were made in long and short config's .
    I have always preferred drop mags - i was forever dropping rounds in the dirt after releasing a sprung floorplate and view blind box mags that you have to cycle the bolt to empty as being inherently unsafe .

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    only just found this thread after wivenhoe posted his pictures i am very interested in these i found this for anyone interested especially as it can be put back to original condition.
    Gibbs Rifle Co. Mauser 98 Detachable Magazine Long Action Sporter Express
    wivenhoe did you have any feeding issues or issues with the mag dropping out thanks in advance ,wayne

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    Now that is what I was thinking. seams I might owe my brother in law a pint now. Any idea on where to get one? I really want a PH 1200 but have always bean put off by the sprung floor plate.

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    i emailed that company but they dont export i might try and get someone to get one and send it by post i will keep you informed,atb wayne

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