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Thread: Please recomend me a knife

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    Please recomend me a knife

    Disclaimer: I would like to state that I have read the relevant topics on the forum, but I still need to ask specific questions, hence the new topic. Thanks!

    Hallo all. I need to buy a knife that I can use for gralloching and skinning when stalking. I do not know much about knives (and I am slowly learning about stalking too) but I know what I need my knife to do. My requirements will hopefully not be impossible to meet, so I thought I ask here and appeal to your collective experience and stalking wisdom...

    Here it goes. I need the knife to

    1. Be razor sharp. I mean, the closer to surgical sharpness, the better

    2. Be able to keep a sharp edge for as long as it is possible (I will try and do my best to look after it)

    3. Be hard wearing (have a thick and strong blade for example) as I am not so articulate with a knife yet and I might occasionally hit a bone while skinning, gutting etc

    4. Keep the cost as low as possible

    5. Be a fixed blade knife (hygiene reasons)

    I have been recommended to go for a Helle knife as they are triple layered (steel, carbon, steel) and very sharp and hard wearing. I was told I can get one for around 50 which is the maximum I would like to spend, anyway.

    I have seen a couple of Boker knives for half the price of a Helle (Boker magnum Elk Hunter for example) but are they half as good?

    I have read in other topics here (this one and this one for example) that there are other very good and sharp knives (which when I googled saw them priced from as little as as 10), but I can see from the pictures I googled that the blades are rather thin and look to me as if they will bend etc, so do not agree with my rule number 3 above.

    Any help would be mostly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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    If your on a budget try one of the Mora knifes, either clippe, craft etc nice and cheap but sharp and affective. I have a few knifes including an orange Cutco, very good knife with a forever sharp garuntee. If you blunt it send it back and you will get it sharpened or more often a new knife free!You could also try one of the swing blades with a dedicated skinner. The choice really is personal and down to you.

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    +1 deer man.

    I got a orange and black mora. Excellent and it all goes in dishwasher after stalk. Also got an Alan Wood which I treat better than my girlfriend. Only problem is I would really cry if I lost my Alan wood over 100. Mora 15. Both razor sharp you can if you look enough get a 6" blade mora mines ony 3"

    You could get a mora and guy knife with the rounded point to help skin and gut and still have 10 in ya pocket.

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    +1 morakniv excellent cheap knive i have lots of expensive stuff find this mora hard to beat !

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    + howevermanyitisnow for the Mora. Unbeatable for the price.

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    Yeah frost or Mora, cant be beaten, they are that cheap buy two.

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    I have seen a couple of Boker knives for half the price of a Helle (Boker magnum Elk Hunter for example) but are they half as good?
    The answer is NO they are not half as good IMHO:-

    They also offer this with a synthetic handle I believe. I chose Stag antler as I always wanted one.

    This one is excellent but the narrower blade of the one above is useful for dealing with the anus on deer having a better blade profile. The blades are both 3.5mm (0.140") thick on the spine. The stag handled one I put in the leg knife pocket of my stalking trousers the other goes in a pack or on the belt.

    I have alos been impressed with the Cudeman knives out of Spain for the price. I brought a specialised skinner by them:-

    and it works a treat. Was not expensive either. The resin empregnated wood is easy to wash and clean too.

    Hope that helps.

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    Bokers are fine knives for the money, Mora's are also superb. But i truly believe that the ultimate one knife for all jobs is the EKA Swingblade. You've got a standard cutting blade and a curved tripe knife for undoing the belly and skinning. It's not a fixed blade, but the materials used in its construction are washable/sterilisable, so it shouldn't be seen as an issue. Have a look at this video:
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    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    If I want a older with gut hook then I take this one:-

    It is also fully cleanable. Buck Crosslock and it's easily operated by one hand too.

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    I'm with digger9523.

    I bought an Eka swing blade about 40 muntjac ago, and it is still as sharp as it was new.
    I have a cheap bush knife which also gets a fair bit of use, but it needs a touch up after two deer.

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